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Digital transformation in manufacturing: The CFO’s approach

Analysts and industry experts agree: Digital disruption in manufacturing is on the horizon. Technologies like the Internet of Things, dynamic enterprise management, global supply chain visibility, and machine learning are already changing …Learn More

How Cloud-based ERP Can Help Businesses Balance Innovation Goals and Security Requirements

Working “smarter” has become increasingly complex and critical in an ever evolving digital world. Digital data has become the most valuable resource in our modern world. But unlike natural resources, the quantity …Learn More

Don’t let delaying an ERP decision hold back your business

Do not let indecision cost you. You may think you are saving money, but waiting to implement, replace, or upgrade your ERP is only going to hurt you in the long run. …Learn More

The Plant Walk

For over 20 years, Guardian has been helping manufacturers find ways to optimize performance and profits by helping them implement the latest information technology. The manufacturing workplace is inundated by terms like …Learn More

What are the Ten Reasons Why Manufacturers Need ERP?

In today’s digital world manufacturers need an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System. Information traditionally captured in spreadsheets and log books now need to be organized, stored and retrieved at your fingertips. Here …Learn More

How to Retain and Attract Talent in the Age of Information

The workforce is changing. That change makes it harder for manufacturing companies to attract and maintain talent. In this episode of Guardian Talks, Bridget Lazlo discuss some ways you can make your …Learn More

Is Your Plant Making One of These Three Biggest Mistakes?

Inventory is the biggest asset a company invests in outside of human capital. Thus, to succeed in today’s competitive culture, you need to be in control of your inventory. Bridget Lazlo has …Learn More

How Much Inventory Do You Need?

There is increasing pressure on business to keep less inventory. But how do you know what to keep and how much to keep? In today’s episode of Guardian Talks, Bridget Lazlo explores …Learn More

Designing a New ERP

What Manufacturers need from new ERP solutions to prepare for emerging challenges.

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Manufacturing and the Demanding Customer