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CloudSuite Industrial

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Panorama Consulting Solution’s Annual Clash of the Titans ERP Comparison

Check out how Infor performs against other ERP industry heavy weights in Panorama Consulting’s annual “Clash of the Titans” analysis. By the data, provided by real companies, you’ll notice how an Infor …Learn More

Plain Talk About Infor Cloudsuite Security

When it comes to Cloud deployment, security is top of mind for all concerned.  The Infor® CloudSuite team uses best-practice protocols and a thorough, continuous improvement approach that gives you both confidence …Learn More

Infor CloudSuite Industrial – Industry Suite

“With unlimited access to product information, today’s industrial customers can quickly compare available alternatives and make on-the-spot purchasing decisions. As a result, industrial manufacturers like you have found that product loyalty is …Learn More

Campus Plus Infor Cloudsuite Industrial

Campus Plus is your key to accessible, cost-effective product training for your organization. With Campus Plus, your licensed membership users enjoy unlimited access to Infor Education offerings, from included self-directed learning materials …Learn More

Infor Cloudsuite Industrial Detailed Functionality – Version 10

An advanced Configure, price, and quote (CPQ) solution for complex products

“As a manufacturer or distributor of highly configured products or solutions, you face a variety of business challenges, including shifting demands. Customers today expect an unprecedented level of customization – with prices …Learn More

Infor Cloudsuite Industrial Portals

“Your business is all about relationships. And these relationships depend on good communication. With Infor CloudSuite™ Portals, you can enhance your relationships with three key constituencies—your customers, vendors, and resellers—by providing …Learn More

Infor Factory Track for Cloudsuite Industrial

“Manufacturing operations rely on streamlined processes to meet customer expectations for speed, accuracy, and value. Efficiency throughout a manufacturing organization is critical. Yet, manufacturers may be relying on fragmented and outdated processes …Learn More

Infor CloudSuite Industrial and CloudSuite Business: What can be modified when they’re deployed in a multi-tenant cloud?

“There are many advantages to deploying applications in the cloud; however there are some limitations that you need to understand before making a decision to move to the cloud.” See …Learn More

CADLink for Infor Cloudsuite Industrial

“You can reduce rework, minimize scrap, and work more efficiently when you use CADLink to establish a fully automated, two-way connection between Infor CloudSuite™ Industrial and your CAD system. You’ll also …Learn More