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Infor Manufacturing ERP Software Wisconsin

ERP Consulting Solution

Infor Manufacturing ERP Software Wisconsin
Infor Manufacturing ERP Software Wisconsin

Why choose Guardian Business Solutions for your ERP implementation?

We could just sell you some software or build you a custom application per your specification, but that would only be scratching the surface of the value Guardian Business Solutions can bring. What we’ll start with a business objective such as:

  • increasing inventory turns
  • implementing standard costing
  • reducing lead times

We look at the big picture and utilize technology as a tool to improve your business.

That’s what makes a Guardian Business Solutions implementation different.  Our services are aimed at the overall business. That’s why every decision, every change, and every option is viewed through the lens of your entire business.  We work for you, with the end in mind, that is what our holistic approach is about.

How Can ERP Consulting Solution Benefit Your Business?

When you enlist a Guardian consultant you are leveraging the combined shared experiences that our team has built through hundreds of client engagements as well as that of dozens of strategic partnerships. Many of our client relationships go back decades, and it’s that kind of long-term partnership that we seek to foster with each new client.

  • Bonafide expertise that speaks the language of manufacturing
  • Proven project management and implementation methodologies (Doing ERP Differently)
  • Personalized project approach, designed around your business and resources

ERP Selection Guide


A majority of manufacturing company executives agree. Selecting and implementing an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution is a massive and often frustrating process. Select the right solution and your company is on its way to better decisions resulting in increased revenue, lower costs, better inventory control and maximized profits.
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Better Technology


Maybe you’ve heard stories about ERP system upgrades that resulted in money wasted and promises broken. With such a high failure rate, it’s not surprising when companies decide to stick with their older existing systems.
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Proven Process


Developed, tested and ever redefined, the Guardian approach is the basis of your implementation journey’s path to success.
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The Plant Walk


For over 20 years, Guardian has been helping business owners and plant managers find ways to optimize performance and profits.
Put that expertise to work for you with the Guardian Plant Walk. Gain fresh perspective and guidance from our principals who have impacted over $1.05 billion in revenues in facilities just like yours.
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  They’ve helped us schedule – to learn our capacity. Do we need more people? More equipment? More machines? We’ve gone through a lot of changes in last few years and Guardian has been able to work with us through those changes. — Colby Metal