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RCS Innovations


In 2019, Rod Winter, current President, and CEO acquired RCS Innovations. Understanding the current processes and systems being used in the business was critical to advancing the business. RCS was utilizing Infor Cloudsuite Industrial (Syteline) for their ERP system and at the time the company was 2-3 years into their conversion with a different partner of the Infor Software. The shortcomings of HOW the software was implemented were evident; here are a few examples:

Ineffective Employee Training:
Resulted in new and old, manual processes running parallel in the background, never fully letting the new conversion take over.
Inefficient Data Management:
Employees didn’t have a clear understanding of data management techniques which created waste.
Connectivity and Network Performance Issues:
The RCS server was hosted about 1,232 miles away in Texas, resulting in insufficient operating performance.
Low to No Customer Implementation Support:
The solution provider at the time made no effort to solve the problems and failed to effectively communicate to the company, resulting in customer dissatisfaction.

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