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Badger Alloys

How Guardian Business Solutions helped a leading and award-winning sand casting company improve labor & parts costing, from 70% to 90% accuracy, by providing a customized business mobility solutions and reporting system. Because of the new mobile app system implemented by Guardian Business Solutions, management is able to:
  • Access previously unavailable real time data points such as labor reports, process reports, bills of materials etc.
  • Access highly accurate gross profit analysis, courtesy of improved labor/parts costing.
  • Use real time data to schedule and manage its workforce, streamlining it to both employee availability as well as profitability.
  • Optimize product and product mix, to maximize employee/facility productivity and profitability.
  • Identify unfeasible or rampant processes that could be considered for elimination or reprioritization.
  • Avoid unsustainable and untenable price increases to stay competitive, instead using data to drive continuous improvement to reduce waste and improve market competitiveness.

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